Collection SS 24

V neck short sleeves

boat neck long sleeves

boat neck openwork stitch

long vest and pants in linen

linen crew neck and pants

ribbed dress

top openworked

cardigan openwork stitch

argyle boat neck

ribbes boat neck

crew neck short sleeves

round neck large shape

openworked V neck

openworked boat neck


open cardigan short sleeves

3-coloured V neck

V neck

openworked boat neck

long vest and pants in linen

boat neck raglan sleeves

openworked crew neck with coulisse

polo with stripes

3-coloured V neck

open placket polo

openwork boat neck

ribbed criss-crossed neck

openwork cardigan

V neck with openworked sleeves

zipped polo neck

hooded zipped cardigan

cabled V neck

striped crew neck

turtle neck

bowling shirt

polo neck links stich

crew neck blend linen

zipped mock cardigan

V neck with polo collar

polo neck piquet stitch

Polo neck in silk

linen shirt

linen polo neck/strong>

striped crew neck

crew neck with stripes

crew neck

polo neck in crepe cotton

zipped polo in filo di scozia

t-shirt in filo di scozia

polo neck Filo di Scozia/strong>

spongy polo neck

crew neck

linen crew neck

shawl cardigan

linen polo neck

striped t-shirt in linen